When we say we care about our local soil, we ain't lying. Bluegrass heritage is more than just an idea, it's a deep-rooted way of life. Hemp naturally rejuvenates the ground and being that we're one of the largest individual hemp farms in the nation, our soil is nutrient-dense and being well maintained for future generations.

Our hemp oil is grown and handled with care and integrity from when we first plant the seed until the last drop is bottled. We care about our product and about creating a lasting relationship with our customers. That's why you'll notice the difference in our full spectrum oil.

Norton Valley's 100% Pure Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is processed on our farm organically and without artificial fillers. We've added a touch of natural mint flavor to balance the natural bitterness of most cannabinoids. So whether you need a little or a whole lot, this sublingual tincture is sure to bring you natural relief with no negative side effects.

We also have a line of full spectrum hemp topicals. From our Infused Body Butter to Tattoo Cream, we've got you covered. Naturally.


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